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The SecuritEase® System is a real time Multi-Currency, Multi-Market, Multi-Instrument and Multi-Company back office settlement and clearing system. It automates settlement, corporate action and commission/brokerage accounting for ASX participants.

SecuritEase records financial position in its integrated General Ledger, and instrument position in its integrated portfolio position keeping system.

You can separate Trading, Cash Management, and Margin Lending operations into separate legal entities, account for those entities separately but view your customers accounts in those entities via a single counterparty.

The full drill-up/drill-down capability of SecuritEase means you can quickly and easily see the full financial movements associated with each portfolio movement and full portfolio movement relating to each GL movement.

SecuritEase provides seamless processing of equity and fixed interest instruments and clearing and settlement through a single back office process. Call to discuss SecuritEase Cash Management, IPOs, Margin Lending and Options.

With full ASX CHESS accreditation, SecuritEase provides a fully integrated system for Brokers involved in:
  • Discount retail execution,
  • Advisory retail and wealth management services,
  • Institutional broking, and Custodianship, or
  • Principal Trading
SecuritEase can also be used by non-broker ASX participants as a stand-alone CHESS gateway.

The SecuritEase® system is the NEW option in back office, settlement and CHESS gateway systems for ASX participants. Now you have a real choice of product and supplier.

Don't settle for tired old products from vendors whose only concept of service is lip service.
The SecuritEase system is a modern product crammed full of innovative features.
We at SecuritEase continually strive to simplify back office processing. We deliver a system that is easier to use and will allow you to be more productive.

Is your current back office vendor annoying you with endless delays, lame excuses and a cost plus mentality?
The SecuritEase team is focussed on your needs. We deliver true strategic advantage by regularly releasing exciting new functions for free as part of the core SecuritEase product. Multi-Currency, Automated corporate action processing, SOA/ROA, IPOs, commission reporting, GL integration are all part of the core SecuritEase product.

Is your data locked up and inaccessible? SecuritEase provides secure easy access to client and historical transaction data and has extensive real time on-screen reporting.

The SecuritEase system is new to the ASX but its technology is proven.
See the SecuritEase NZX site for our credentials.

It is easy to change to the SecuritEase system. Low capital costs, proven conversion from competitors systems and fixed price installation minimise the risk in modernising your most important business system.

For more information on the key benefits and features of the SecuritEase System, download the A4 Brochure.

For more information on the SecuritEase CHESS Gateway,
download the A4 Brochure.

To view the SecuritEase Company Profile,
download it here.

Neil Paviour-Smith - Managing Director of Forsyth Barr describes connectivity with clients through CRM and their strategic partnership with SecuritEase.

Nigel Wynn - Managing Director of Direct Broking talks about using SecuritEase in multiple markets, to deal with Intermediaries and back office integration with on-line trading.

Ian Waddell - Managing Director of WJM talks about equity and bond settlement and third party clearing with SecuritEase.

For further information about SecuritEase or to arrange a product demonstration call Bill Tonkin SecuritEase International Ltd toll free on 1800 006 472